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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Enrolment 2022


We are now beginning our Enrolment for the school year 2022 -2023

Under our new Admissions Policy, Scoil an Chroí Ró-Naofa opened for Enrolment 2022 on October 1st 2021. We begin the more formal element of Enrolment now in January and invite applications from prospective pupils. Application packs are available from the school office. Closing date for applications is March 31st 2022.

All information is available under our Admissions section. 

Any further information is available from the school office on 056 8831512

Covid Information from the DES


Below is a message from the Department of Education Covid Information Section with details of the changes in primary schools to Covid Contact Tracing. These changes are effective since Monday 27th September 2021.


Dear Principal,

The HSE has provided information for parents about the changes to contact tracing and testing for children aged between 3 months and 13 years in early learning and care, school aged childcare, education, primary school sports and social settings. You can find it here:

You can find other resources for parents for download here:

Videos and posters outlining the common symptoms of Covid-19, and stressing  to parents that if a child has any new onset symptoms as listed and feels unwell or seems off-form,  not to send them to school and contact their GP for advice, if necessary.

Kind regards,


Covid Response Plan January 2022

Dear Parents,

Please find all the relevant updated information for the continued opening of schools in 2022 on this page.

Many thanks,

Dermot Dunphy, Principal


January 2022 - Letter from HSE re Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for Children

Dec 1st 2021 - Letter from the Chief Medical Officer to Parents 

                         Face Covering for Primary Pupils Poster


Return to Education Declaration Form - August 2021

Urlingford NS Covid Response Policy - updated January 2022

Urlingford NS Classroom PODS - January 2022

Appendix 4 - Risk Assessment - updated January 2022

Video for Senior Children - March 12th 2021

Letter for Parents from DoE re Antigen Testing - November 2021

Videos and Resources for Parents - August 2021

Wellbeing Resources for Parents

Covid Response Plan August 2021

Section 5 - Infection Prevention Control

COVID-19 - Returning to School


As we prepare to return to school on Tuesday 1st September 2020 there is much important information that will help us all keep safe in the coming term.


Firstly, we would like to let you know that our school has been prepared for the return of our pupils. Last Wednesday, the school received a deep clean, where all rooms and public areas were professionally cleaned by Ryans Cleaning, Thurles. All the staff have worked very hard this week to dismantle the school in preparation for the deep clean and then to put the school back together again. There have been a lot of other people involved in getting the school physically ready for Tuesday and we want to thank everybody involved for their help.

The Sensory Room had been turned into our Isolation Room for the foreseeable future.

The back yard is being prepared to allow the children line up each morning in a socially distanced way using coloured pods.

We will have special instructions in place at the gate for the introduction of infants to school and the entrance of other children to the school. Please remember that will have a 'drop and go' policy for children from 1st Class onwards. The school gate is the drop zone.

Each class has been prepared in 'bubbles' and 'pods', with designated entrances and exits. Play times will be staggered and classes will be assigned an area to play in the yard.

Older classes will leave in a staggered manner beginning with Sixth Class at 2.30pm. There will be areas assigned for our two afterschool groups.

we will be rolling out Aladdin Connect in the next week. This app will make connectivity between home and school so much easier.

Every effort will be made to keep the school as normal as possible, while ensuring we are following the guidelines of the Department of Education and Skills and the Public Health Service.

There is much advice available from the DES and NPHET. It is important for parents to know that the Public Health Service will advise on all decisions to be taken with regard to any possible case of COVID-19 in a school. This is laid out clearly by the DES in their document Schools Pathway for Covid-19. They have also sent us Advice for Parents and Information for Parents. These documents are linked and the last two are easily printable if you want to keep them at home.

Finally, for now, our School Covid-19 Policy is being sent to the Board of Management for ratification. When it is ready it will appear here.

Thanks for your time in reading this notice and looking forward to a successful return to school and seeing our school full of children again!

Ms Betty Teehan - A Tribute

Ms Teehan at the opening of the new school in October 1986


Ms Teehan

As you are all aware, Ms Teehan is retiring at the end of August.

For the past 37 years UNS has been blessed with her powerful, yet gentle presence on its staff.

Throughout those years she has worked tirelessly to affirm, support and encourage all her students to achieve their full potential. She was fully committed to promoting excellence, always leading by example.

During her long and distinguished career she has had responsibility for our beautiful school choir. Church ceremonies and other celebrations have been greatly enhanced by the sweet singing of the pupils under her direction.

She taught her pupils the importance of not wasting the earth’s scarce resources and encouraged children to be environmentally friendly long before there was any mention of the Green Schools Programme. It was no surprise therefore that UNS was one of the first schools in the area to fly a Green Flag under her passionate leadership, and to date we have been awarded six Green Flags. She can be confident that the Green Schools Programme will continue in the capable hands of the Green Schools Committee.

We know it is a source of great pride and joy to her that she taught many of the parents of pupils currently in our school. (Not alone did she teach them, but she remembers every one of them!) She is always eager to hear how her past pupils are getting on, is delighted with any good news about them, and even happier when she meets them in person.

As Deputy Principal, she fulfilled all the duties of this post to a very high standard.

As well as being a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, she was a wonderful colleague and friend, who will be greatly missed.

Táimid ag súil go mbeidh saol fada, sona, sláintiúil aici agus guímid gach aon rath uirthi.

We wish her a long, happy and healthy retirement and thank her sincerely for her excellent service during her time in UNS.


With love and best wishes from your colleagues and friends in Scoil an Chroí Ró-Naofa

Ms Teehan at Waterford Peace Proms - March 8th 2020


The Parents' Association have made a lovely video tribute to Ms Teehan. You can view it here!

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